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I have a major weakness: Cadbury Eggs. As we are currently deep within the depths of Cadbury egg season, I have eaten my fair share already and I don’t even want to think about the amount of excess trash I’ve sent to the recycling facility because of my little weakness.

And I now have this odd habit of carrying one with me at all times. You know, just in case. And it’s fun to forget there’s one in the bottom of my purse and find it by accident while rummaging for something boring like my subway pass. Jackpot!

It’s too bad they have to come both in individual wrappers and in a box. I’d generate a whole lot less trash if I could get them in bulk somewhere. Or if I had my own Cadbury bunny to lay them for me….I bet they’re better fresh.

So there you have it. I do have a dark side. I mean nobody can be all enviro-diva all the time, right? 🙂 I do try though…


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Happy Earth Day!

I really enjoy Earth Day. I think it’s one of my favorite holidays. (Is it really a holiday, or is it just in my head that it’s a holiday?) Anyway, As much as I like the idea of Earth day, I dislike the idea that we should only think about our planet one day a year. Also, I thought it was a little ironic it was also trash day in our neighborhood today. It was awful to see the sidewalks piled high with trash on none other than Earth day.

I went to an Earth day festival in the park today where there were lots of vendors giving away free samples, plastic junk with their logos printed on it, and overall, generating more trash than otherwise would have occurred if the festival had not taken place. Why? Why does excess trash have to accompany things like that? It’s not like people wouldn’t have enjoyed the band performances or the hula hoops scattered all over the grassy areas any less without all the corporate ploys for extra business. I guess they never miss an opportunity to make money. Just once, I’d like to go somewhere like that and not have plastic junk thrust in my face in the name of marketing. Husband and I did a pretty good job of resisting, but caved at the Stonyfield yogurt free samples. We shared one to cut down on the trash, if that counts for anything. I can’t resist good yogurt, I just can’t!

As much as I wish I could say something profound today, or at least report that I spent today planting trees or cleaning up trash, I can’t. I went to an earth day festival and then to a Ukrainian egg decorating workshop.  But as the song goes, “I am an Earth Day helper, and what they say is true, that every day is earth day, that means today is too.” Just something I sang with my first-graders back when I taught music (it’s still a little weird to say that I used to teach…). I do try to do my part every day, not just one day a year. And that means some days are better than others. This may not have been one of my best days, but I’ll still be working on it tomorrow too.

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Springtime Gardening

First, a little background:

I can’t grow stuff. Anytime I try, I’m reminded of how awesome I am at killing plants. In fact, I bet I can kill plants just by thinking about them. I used to have an amaryllis plant and it died, but the weed that was growing in the pot with it didn’t. So I kept on watering it because that’s the only thing I’ve ever gotten to grow. The weed lived for almost a year before it finally relented to my awesome killing power.

So now, I have 7 different small pots in the windowsill, and a new resolution to grow something in them. I’ve tried this before and gotten some basil going, but it all died eventually. I love basil, so I pretty much just stick with that. I figure out of 7 pots, maybe I can get one that might by some freak mutation be Karyn-proof. Anyway, a while back, I planted basil in all 7 if my little pots in the window and hoped for the best. Much to my surprise, something actually sprouted! But……it’s not basil. I think it’s a weed. I got a freaking weed that I DIDN’T PLANT to grow instead of any basil. And that sage plant I got from my sister that died ages ago spontaneously resprouted instead of the basil seeds. Leave it to me to plant 7 little pots of basil seeds and get resurrected sage and some unknown weed plant. I might have better luck just putting the pots of dirt out and not planting any seeds at all.

Fitting that it should grow in the "Damn it" pot, wouldn't you say?

Though I suppose it takes talent to grow stuff I didn’t even plant, huh?

It was an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday, and Husband and I went out for dessert and sat in the park to eat it. We were sitting in the grass amongst some crocuses that had sprouted up all over the grass, outside of their little landscaped area under the trees. It was lovely, though I know it won’t be long before the groundskeepers pull them all out in the name of “taking care of the grass.” I would have brought some home, but I figured they would probably live longer in the park than they would under my care.

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