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A couple of days ago, Husband dropped his phone into the toilet. For being a so-called “smartphone,” I’m still not exactly sure how it let itself fall into a toilet (seems to me like a dumb thing to do…), but whatever. At least the toilet was clean. Anyway, his phone was making cracking and popping noises, and the touch screen wasn’t really responding. Uh-oh, not good.

But…..there’s a surprisingly easy fix for a wet phone.

Take it apart into as many pieces as you can: back plate, battery, etc. Lay them in a bowl or container of some sort so none of the pieces overlap, and pour dry rice over the pieces enough to cover them. Leave it sit overnight, and the rice will absorb all the excess water.

No, you don’t have to keep reading. That’s really it. It really is that easy.

I wondered in the back of my mind if this would actually work, but in the morning, his phone was truly good as new, and worked just fine.

Apparently those silica gel packets–you know, the ones labeled with “DO NOT EAT” that come in shoe boxes and stuff–work better than rice, but really, who has tons (or any) of those lying around??

That does leave us with the sad task of throwing out all that rice, which seems a teensy bit wasteful, but let’s face it. Neither of us will be eating the thus-nicknamed “toilet rice.” And that’s way less wasteful than trashing a phone and getting a new one.

On a side note, my “dumbphone” would never do such a thing as leap into a toilet. I’m pretty sure it knows better.


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I guess that means I’m still a kid when I think the box is just as cool as what came in it.

I recently got a new pair of shoes, and there was a note stamped inside the bottom of the shoe box that read, “Turn this box inside out and use it as a storage box in your wardrobe, reuse it as a gift box, or you could bury your dead pet hamster in it. We are sure you will find some creative way to use this box again.”

The inside of the box was decorated with a really nice pattern, and it was super easy to flip the box inside out, obscuring entirely any logos, shoe size, bar code, or anything that might give away that it used to be a boring old shoe box.

Challenge accepted, Vivobarefoot Shoes. I believe I shall find a new creative way to use your box. Thanks for making my day, and thanks for putting out there a thoughtful, useful design that is just plain cool.

Has anyone else been caught off guard by a brilliant yet simple design lately?

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