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No Impact Week was several weeks ago. But it’s still leaving an impact in my life. We’ve declared Tuesdays and Thursdays as “dark days” because we had so much fun during No Impact Week, we wanted to continue it, just not permanently. I would love to say we don’t use any electricity on those days, but the reality is that I’m not going to pull the plug on our fridge two days a week. So here are the rules for our dark days:

  • No electric lights
  • No TV
  • Computer for work only while Husband is at work, and no charging the laptop: I can only coast on battery. No computer use at all after Husband comes home from work.
  • We have a hand-crank flashlight and hand-crank radio we can use, and a solar charger that can charge a phone or ipod.
  • Energy use IS allowed for heating/cooking food, refrigerator, heat (we keep it as low as it goes, no turning it up) hot water heater, and charging phones (but only if the solar charger couldn’t charge).

It is actually really fun to have candlelit evenings twice a week, and it’s nice to have definite, built-in time during the week to connect with Husband. So many times, we end up engrossed in our own computers or activities in separate rooms while we’re home together.

Funny enough, most of the light switches are still taped from no impact week as a reminder not to use them. We’ve been getting by using only small lamps in various rooms and not the large overhead lights with multiple bulbs and opening the curtains to let in the daylight.

I’m still making weekly trips to the weekend produce market, which, in addition to keeping our place stocked with fresh fruits and veggies, saves us a ton of money too, and we’re able to get more fresh produce for our money than at the grocery store. Double win!

And we’ve turned the TV on to watch only a handful of shows since No Impact Week ended, and only on one night per week. I’m actually considering canceling the cable TV altogether. Any of the few shows we watch can be watched online, and NPR radio is a better source for news than the sensationalized ratings-driven crap on TV anyway….

So there you have it. No Impact Week transformed into Sustained Decreased Impact. Yeah, that doesn’t have nearly as cool of a ring to it…

Anyone else thinking of (or already) trying out a weekly dark day?


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So I recently decided to try again with crocheting. I learned the basic stitch, with the goal of cutting down on the crushing amount of t-shirt scraps that fill my fabric box. Goal achieved! It’s crazy, spontaneous, and colorful, just like me!

And though it’s not nearly as nice as the one my mom made me, I’m working on it. This one is good enough to wipe my feet on at the door and is a much better use for all those scraps than just being stuffed in my fabric box.


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